Why the Knicks shouldn’t want Jeff Teague

Raymond Felton has been the worst player on the Knicks this season. He’s been the worst shooter, the most turnover-prone and the worst defender.

He’s having his worst season. And he’s 29. And he’s fat.

Felton was decent in his first season with the Knicks. He had good chemistry with Amare Stoudemire, displayed a decent touch from three and ran the team well under Mike D’Antoni.

But in the years since being traded to Denver and subsequently to Portland, he got fat, stopped shooting decently, stopped getting to the line and stopped stopping anyone, which is of course when the Knicks scooped him up. This season Felton has been badly outplayed by Pablo Prigioni, but the Argentinian is 36 and even less adept at getting to the paint.

So it makes sense that the Knicks want a point guard. (THAT JEREMY LIN GUY IS PLAYING OK, BY THE WAY.) But I’m not crazy about Jeff Teague.

He’s one of the best passers in the league. He gets to the basket, a skill the Knicks need badly.

But Teague has shot terribly and is a weak spot on defense. This season he’s regressed after making strides in his third and fourth years.

His three-point stroke in particular has fallen off a cliff and he’s lost confidence in his shot.

Teague’s contract isn’t ideal either. It runs until 2017.

The Knicks have almost no money on the books after 2015. If that situation persists (uncertain given Carmelo Anthony’s desire for a new deal after this season), it would give them the flexibility to pursue a bona-fide free agent.

I don’t think Jeff Teague makes the Knicks a contender. They should hold out for someone better or just suck it up and try to improve with the miserable roster they’ve assembled until they can rebuild in 2015.


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